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If you do not find the 2 colour sheetfed printing press you are looking for, please return to this page soon as new machines, such as Heidelberg GTO, Itek, Komori, Rotaprint, Sakurai, Ryobi 522 and 3302, etc, are added regularly.

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27 May 2015
2 colour printing presses
Fuji 65 IIP, Alcohol dampening, 1989 46 x 65 cm
Fuji 52 II P, alcohol damprning, SOLD 1989 36 x 52 cm
Hamada B252, Kompac dampening SOLD 2006 36 x 52 cm
Heidelberg Printmaster QM 46-2 with second colour head 2000 34 x 46 cm
Heidelberg Quickmaster QM 46-2, with second colour head 34 x 46 cm
Ryobi 662H, Ryobimatic , parts missing 1996 51 x 66 cm
Ryobi 522 HX, Alcohol dampening, sold 1997 36.5 x 52 cm
Ryobi 522, standard dampening SOLD 1992 36 x 52 cm
Ryobi 522 PF, 3 colour perfector, Standard dampening 1992 36 x 52 cm
Ryobi 512H, Alcoholdampening SOLD 1998 36.5 x 52 cm
Ryobi 3302 H (Itek 3995), alcohol dampening, SOLD 1999 34 x 45 cm
Ryobi 512, conventional dampening 1996 34 x 45 cm
Ryobi 3302 HA(A B Dick 9995A), Alcohol dampening, Semi auto plate 2001 34 x 45 cm
Sakurai Oliver 272 EII, Semi auto plate, Olivermatic, Royse alcohol,
High pile delivery SOLD
1995 54 x 72 cm
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