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Ryobi 522
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Ryobi 3302
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Ryobi 512 H
Another very popular press. Check availability
A B Dick 9995
(Ryobi 3302)
Usually in stock
Heidelberg Quickmaster 46
Ryobi 512
Another popular 2 colour press
This Shinohara 52-2P is one of the latest used printing machines from M.E.T.
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Ryobi 520
Always in demand
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Shinohara 52 2
Fuji 52
Fuji 52 IIP
2 colour
Heidelberg QM DI 46-4
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One of the largest suppliers of used medium sized printing equipment in the world, M.E.T. has been exporting used and reconditioned printing machinery from the UK to countries in
all parts of the world since 1984.

In addition to Ryobi and Heidelberg, M.E.T. supplies Sakurai, Komori, Fuji, Shinohara, Adast, Polly and other sheetfed presses and a wide range of guillotines and other finishing equipment

There is normaly a choice of popular models such as Ryobi 522 HXX, 522 HX, 522, 512, 3302H and 500 K, Fuji 52 IIP and Fuji 52, Heidleberg GTO 52, Heidelberg GTO Z 52, GTO 46, Printmaster, Quickmaster, Heidelberg QM DI 46-4 Plus, QM 46-4 DI Classic, Sakurai Oliver 52 , 252, Oliver 272, Solna 425, Shinohara 52II, and other sheetfed presses.

QM DI 46-4

This page includes thumbnail pictures of some of the most popular printing presses such as Ryobi 3302, Ryobi 520, Ryobi 512, Ryobi 500K-NP or Heidelberg GTO 46, QM DI 46-4 & GTO 52 and guillotines such as Wohlenberg 115 we supply. Please visit our stocklist pages to check availability

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